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We are a social business unit working on finding simple but powerful solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges in our economy.

We are the modern-day social charity division of the BIG FIVE Group that benefits from a different defined consumes system, which gives consumers an additional choice. Our mission is to help solving some of the biggest challenges for humanity.

We’re living in a world full of opportunities but at the same time we face a whole lot more challenges that needs to be solve to ensure the future history of planet earth. Our believe is that we need to dramatically change our perspective and use our modern knowledge and technology to solve the biggest challenges in human history. One of the principles of the BIG FIVE is to simplify the complexity in everything we do. So why not also trying to solve the seemingly impossible by moving forward with some simple but powerful steps. We have some great ideas on how we can have a positive impact on the future and we will not stop until we manage to share our vision with billions around the world. 

The Foundation Savanna

Clean Water

We believe that water is a ressource that should be accessible for everyone at any time.

Investing in "fair water"

The BIG FIVE Foundation invests in ambitious projects and organisations that share our believe in water access for every human beaning on planet earth.

Extreme Poverty

We believe that we can flip our economic system to remove extrem poverty from planet earth.

Moving forward by creating a different system

As a part of the vision of the BIG FIVE GROUP we are constantly working on a “different” version of our current consume system that exist with the purpose to stop extrem poverty.


We believe that education is not a matter of wealth.

We invest in developing a new educational system

We invest in ambitious projects and organisations to create a new and fair educational system all around the world that is driven by technology and not wealth.


We believe that the beauty of our biodiversity is one of our biggest assets.

Helping to save our Biodiversity

We support projects and organisations that share our vision on securing the beautiful biodiversity on planet earth.


We believe that science can solve our biggest challenges.

Investing in Scinece to Solve Problems

We believe that there are way more possibilities in modern science that we know. But it’s all a question of money and profit. We are here to change this.

✳︎ Our given system is broken, and we helped to break it.

A Letter to the growing BIG FIVE Community

People all over the world, hold on for a moment and take your time to read this lines. Lines that wrote to enlighten you and to start a thinking process in your mind. If you think about the world we are living in today, how would you describe it? Do you feel save about the future and think that everything that we define as “normal” will still be the normal for the upcoming generation? We might know your answer. Why? Because most people are impacted by insecureness and scare of what’s next. 

But who’s fault was it that we find ourselves in a situation full of crises, war and all the challenges we need to solve as human beings of our generation? We can’t point the finger to a single person, organization or political party. Because we all helped to break the giving systems that drive our so called “modern economy”. Blinded by decades of never ending growth and records wealth in most of the western parts of the world it seems that we forget about a lot of things that are still existing in all the other parts of the world. 

Big challenges like, the lack of access to clean and safe water, extreme poverty, lack of education, the disappearing of our biodiversity and for sure the fast moving climate change. But how can our generation have an impact on this? Are we able to change something that will change the future of human history? 

We believe that there is a change if we start to flip the system. By system we mean our global consume system where consumers around the world spend $63 trillion each and every year on. We exist to share a simple but powerful idea of change. An idea where every consume driven company commits to give 5% of their revenue to change the world. Do you think that we can give 5% and have an impact?