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Dear humanity,

did you know that 3 Billion consumers out of 8 Billion humans spend $63 trillion each year on consumer goods and services? 

If we would change the system and commit to give 5% of our yearly consume to solve our world challenges we could invest §$3.15 Trillion each and every year to have the biggest impact in human history. 

✳︎ To change the world, we need to change the current system at it's fundamentals

Today's world is a world of extremes. We have the mission to bridge the "big five" of them. Right now on the one side we see a unbelievable wealth development over the past decades. Never before in human history people spend more on consume and enterprises related to any kind of this industries are generating billions and worth trillions. On the other side there are millions of impactful innovations that never grow because they are in a interest conflict with a world that is not defined by freedom.

Now the question is how to solve this mega challenges? We believe that 5% could change the world.

While consumers are spending $63 trillion a year we are about to influence more and more consume enterprises, commit to give 5% of their revenue to build a fund that all exists to really change the world. It needs the help of everyone but as one strong global community we can move forward and share this idea with the upcoming generation.

✳︎ Our Model

We work collaborative through our entire divisions of the BIG FIVE Group to create impactful changes, that are all committed to our vision of a different tomorrow.

Additional Choices

We design and create world-class consumer products that build authentic connections to consumers based on authentic brands. Also we collaborate with world-class partners to help take these products sustainably to global scale to amplify the good we can to in the world. 

A global Alliance

We are building a global alliance of partners and enterprises that commit to support our big vision by conforming to give 5% of their revenue in to the BIG FIVE Foundation fund. 

Support Innovators

Every new business innovation that is supported and incubated by the BIG FIVE Enterprises division is also committed to give a lifetime share of 5% to the BIG FIVE Foundation Fund. By growing our enterprises network around the world we are growing our global impact at the same time. 

✳︎ The Story we are writing

What we believe what $3.15 trillion can do for tomorrow's world and the humans living in it?

Could you imagine what huge power an amount of $3.15 trillion have. And if spend right it could have a never seen influence for the society of tomorrow. We know it’s really hard to get an understanding of how much this really is, but we want to try to make it easier.

First of all let’s have a look on the biggest global issues. For sure we know that one big problem is that on the one side a small group of our population is growing wealth like never before and on the other side there are millions over millions that live in extreme poverty. But also the once that are living a king of “normal” live are not problem less. The climate change will effect every part of our nature. The fast moving world that is not in a health balance results in weak mental health of our population. And the lack of modern infrastructure in many places around the world, significantly restricts the lives of billions of people.  Global pandemics are risking our modern health-systems…

The list of issue is long. But if we’d able to change our perspective and mindset we could start solving these issues step by step, which will have a huge impact for future generation. We at the BIG FIVE Group see our generation as the one who is here to make a change and we’ve decided to take the first step into a new direction by building a system that is driven by the community. To reach the amount of $3.15 trillion that goes into the “World Changer” fund it will take decades but everything starts at some points and we would try to give this idea a platform to grow. If we invest a small part of our money with a purpose to solve problems we’ll be able to see a progress. And all this without stopping the consume that we love.

Quite the opposite if we are able to grow the consume we’d also be able to spend more in solving our economy issues. Think about the impact to build educational platforms in communities that have no access to it. Think about consumer products that are manufactured with a primary focus on sustainability. Think about a global community whose voice can change the minds of even the opponents of change. And think about the impact for the next generation that have a chance to enjoy the beauty of our nature like we did. All this is possible if we act as one

✳︎ Foundation Facts

We're just at the beginning of our impactful story, but we have a clear vision where we want to see this movement until 2030

+1 Billion

We want to reach at least 1 Billion people to share our idea of a different consume system.

$5 Billion

We want to build a fund of $5 Billion across our entire partner network.

100k Partners

We want to build a global alliance with 50,000 ambitious partners.

1 Billion

Across all our operations we want to reach 1 Billion consumers.

500 Brands

The BIG FIVE Enterprises has the mission to build and manage a network of at least 100 brands.