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Give 5%

Can we give 5% of our global consumes to help solve some of the biggest challenges we currently have? Here's our idea:

Stage 1.

Defining strategic focus areas and markets

We constantly analysing trends that shift market and consumer behaviour. Buy understanding this market moves we are able to act early and establish simple innovations that attract consumers around the world. This will help to share an understanding of our vision with every purchase. 

Stage 2.

Creating additional choices

As a modern-day incubator and venture fund division the BIG FIVE Enterprises is focused to build and support innovative founders to help moving the world forward. We believe that simplification always wins and are focused to bring additional product choices to areas and markets that are needed by everyone around the world. 

Stage 3.

Building a strong community

Beside our active operations across the whole company group we are working on attention intensive campaigns using modern day media that helps us to build a huge community around the world of consumers and innovators. Which then help to share our message to even more people. 

Stage 4.

Expand influence & impact

We work in an open ecosystem. Meaning that we use modern-day technology to enable digital driven enterprises and brands to easily connect them to the BIG FIVE Ecosystem. This allows us to grow our influence and impact even faster and reach markets and areas we can’t by our own. 

Stage 5.

Invest in change

Together with our community we establish a decentralized economy that decides as a community where we will invest the charity fund. This builds fully transparency at every level or our operations. 

✳︎ Building a global alliance that commit to one huge vision - to give 5% of the global consume profit and invest it to build a better tomorrow for those who can't.

Our global consume industry generates an huge amount of $63 Billion every year. We believe that if we will inspire this mega industry to spend at least 5% to invest in a better tomorrow the future of the world will be different in a positive way. Could we give 5% to create a better tomorrow? Image a future world where we are using 5% of the global amount that is spend into consumer products to have a positive impact for the human future. And we believe that everyone that makes a living out of the consumer product industry can give 5 % to make this happen.

Think about what this amount can change in our world. We would be able to solve the biggest problems in the human future and would build the fundamentals of a better tomorrow. So let’ all get together and unite to change the world.

✳︎ UFT Alliance

Unite For Tomorrow will be a global acting alliance that connects brands and business and builds momentum with consumers.

UFT invented a simple but powerful solution to share our vision of using consume wealth to help solving major social and climate issues with consumers around the world.

Every of our products will get the so called “UFT badge” on it or it’s packaging. It’s something like the global known “fair trade” seal. On the badge itself, consumers will find a QR code and animates them to scan it.

Next they will find all the information about the world changer mission to educate them why they’re finding this badge on their product. We’ll let them know that we will give a 5% share of the profit made from the product to our social fund, which supports projects and organisations to have an impact.

Also we animate the consumers to share our vision with a simple social media post by following our instructions.

This allows us to make the vision go viral without spending huge amounts in marketing. We believe that such a vision will inspire people all around the world and that the community will help us to make it go viral.

Also we’re working to growing our world changer network to put our badge on other brands products that want to share our vision and support to help solving our major worlds issues.

Together we can change the course of history and create a tomorrow for the next generations

✳︎ The Charity Fund

BIG FIVE Group Shares

The above chart shows the all over split of our investment portfolio and how it is splitted into our different sectors.

UFT Alliance Shares

Every UFT partner commits to five 5% of their yearly revenue to fund our global charity fund.

We we invest the funds

We invest the whole chartiy fund in same parts to support to solve the 5 challenges we're committed to.