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Our theory of change

Creating a whole new ecosystem that uses consume to solve the biggest challenges in human history.

The Challenges

Lack of Water Access

Extreme Poverty 

Lack of Education 

Disappearing Biodiversity

Climate Change

How do we change it?

The BIG FIVE Group has the mission to build a global acting network of innovative and future thinking consumer brands and businesses that are all committed to support our impactful goal to give 5% to change the world. The BIG FIVE Foundation will actively invest the money from the charity fund to support projects and organizations all around the world that share the same idea of a different tomorrow. 

✳︎ Our Vision

A world where the global consume supports to solve some of the biggest challenges we currently have.*

*Challenges we want to solve are: Solving the lack of access to clear and safe water, stop extreme poverty, ensure access to modern education, safe the biodiversity of our planet and help to stop the climate change. 

✳︎ The Challenges

Lack of Water Access

771 Million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water, where on the other side we millions are not using water sustainable. 

Lack of Education

More than 260 Million children have no access to education at any kind because of poverty. 

Extreme Poverty

736 Million people are living in extreme poverty without a chance to solve it by themselves.

Ending Biodiversity

If we don’t act most of our known biodiversity will not exist how we know them today until 2050.

Climate Change

We don’t see realizable methods to really stop the climate change on planet earth. 

Wealth Distribution

While still Millions of people living in poverty or worse in extreme poverty, wealth is growing to historical heights in other parts of the world. 

✳︎ Our Solutions

The BIG FIVE Foundation aims to help close the bridge between the consistently growing consume power and the current existing challenges in the world. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that helps to build a fundamental platform to solve these issues.


The BIG FIVE Enterprises supports ambitious innovators and founders building new brands and businesses that help funding our vision.

The BIG FIVE Enterprises builds product brands and businesses that are mainly existing in the digital world. They are used a vehicle to redistribute wealth. Our main focus is not to build wealth an hold it by our own. We believe in a fair system that cares about everyone. Our brands brining consumers alternative product choices. Every brand or business related to the BIG FIVE is committed to give 5% of their profit the BIG FIVE Charity Fund. Using this Fund we will support projects and NGO’s that are focused to solve major issues in today world. In addition to that we’re creating unique campaigns that are designed to go viral, grab the markets attention and collect new wealth that goes 100% to our social fund. We also hope that by scaling up this model, other organisations join our vision. 


The BIG FIVE Group builds an global acting alliance of consume enterprises that commit to the idea of giving 5%.

We believe in strong partnerships. Because when it comes to identifying and solving major problems in our world partnerships are really important to succeed. The BIG FIVE Group’s main business is to develop unique product brands and optimize current product solutions based on customer driven innovation, and to market them mainly online. All the manufacturing, logistic and packaging process is made by proven partners in our network that support our defined sustainable responsibilities. Also we’re communicating our unique “change maker” vision to build partnerships that actively support our social fund. 


The BIG FIVE Group builds impactful partnerships to move impact forward.

We alone can’t change everything but we can invest in the once who are working actively on impactful actions each and everyday. The BIG FIVE Foundation builds partnerships all around the world with game changing charity organizations that fit to our overall vision. The big picture consist always from little parts that all together will have the biggest impact in human history. 

✳︎ We are ready to change. Are you?

The BIG FIVE Charitable Fund gives grants to our partners, but we call them 'investments' because we see them as investments that support to solve some of the biggest challenges in our economy